The Hockey Club Lugano plc. is founded in the 2001/2002 season, the public limited company that manages the activities of the first team as well as of the Junior Elite team.
The glorious HCL Association remains on its feet as majority shareholder of the HCL plc. and as main team for the Youth Sector, the club's Female Section and the Old-Timers team. Beat Kaufmann becomes the first president of the HCL plc.'s board of directors, while Fabio Gaggini remains in the lead of the HCL Association.

The championship begins with the game Lugano-Rapperswil, which will be remembered as the first (and hopefully the last) game without spectators, due to the accidents that occurred during the previous season's finals. And then, an ex player of the "Great Russia" arrives as coach of the Lugano club: Zinetoula Biljaletdinov.

With him comes a player who is already well-known and appreciated in Switzerland: Petteri Nummelin.

Moreover, the inseparable André Rötheli and Patrick Sutter return to the shores of Lake Ceresio, while Ryan Gardner arrives from Ambrì. Philippe Bozon leaves and is substituted by Mike Maneluk.
The Lugano club begins the season excellently, but gradually it loses lucidity and game. In the end, it's eliminated from the Continental Cup by the Milan Vipers, thus forcing the black-and-white management to take the drastic decision of dismissing the current coach.

Jim Koleff takes his place once again; until then, he had been sports director.

Two new players are then purchased in order to strengthen the black-and-whites – this happens just before the play-offs and after a memorable tour in Japan. The purchases are Noël Guyaz from Chur and Ronnie Rüeger from Zug.
The latter will take the place of the goalkeeper Cristobal Huet who, in the summer, will leave the Lugano club for the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL, thus permitting the Lugano club to play with three foreigners. In fact, the forward Bob Lachance and the defender Greg Andrusak arrive.

At the end of the regular season, the black-and-whites are in second place directly behind the Davos team, but the play-offs aren't really satisfactory… after having beaten the Zug team in the quarter-finals, they're eliminated once again by the usual Lions club.

The team from Canton Graubünden, after having dominated the whole season, will become Swiss Champion.