Playoff spot granted for the Novizi Elite, that won two of the last three games of the regular season, earning the 7th place. Lugano will face the Langnau Tigers in the playoff, that ended the season as 2nd.

A win and a loss for the Juniores Elite, that are now almost sure to keep the place in the I group:

The scores:

Juniores Elite A: Friborgo-Lugano 1-4, Lugano-Zugo 2-3
Novizi Elite: Davos-Lugano 4-1, Lugano-Losanna 7-2, Lugano-Lakers 4-1
Mini Top: Lugano-Basilea 3-1, Lugano-GCK Lions 2-10
Mini A: Langenthal-Lugano 4-6
Moskito Top: Zugo-Lugano 8-3
Moskito A: Lucerna-Lugano 2-17