SEASON 2018/2019



Tribune: 15.00
Standing places: 8.00
Guest sector: 10.00


  • 16% discount for people in AI/AVS, Apprentices and students.
  • All those discounts are valid only by showing a valid document. Discount not possible for Family Corner tickets and for kids under 16 years in Curva San Salvatore.
  • Entry for free for kids under 120 cm (“Giazzy” meter at the counter)
  • Half priced tickets for season ticket holders’ children (<12) (only in the same seats of the parents!)
  • Kids under 16 years can access the Family Corner for 25.-
  • Free tickets for physically disabled people (with wheelchair) and those who accompany (only sector E, 10 seats available).


Warning: in the guest sector discounts are not available


Warning! Kids under 12 years are not admitted in Curva Nord if not accompanied by an adult. Family Corner: price referred to an adult+kid (<16 years), other formulas available: click here.