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How many times have you faced long queues to get drinks? How many times you forgot to withdraw money and you couldn’t order anything?

These considerations, united to the hygienic, security and money management problems, have pushed us to ask Cornèr Banca to develop a project that wants to eliminate the cash and speed up the times of the service at the Cornèr Arena. In order to avoid useless closed-circuit cards, Cornèr Banca will bring to the arena the innovative vision “cashfree”. Starting from this season you can benefit from a fast-track in every bar at the Cornèr Arena to pay with credit cards Visa, Master Card, Diners Club and Maestro. Cash will be accepted in the other lanes at the Cornèr Arena, even if our goal is to release you from the weight of coins.

The infos about the simple use of the cashfree lanes at the Cornèr Arena will be available from mid-August.