The board of directors of the Hockey Club Lugano SA analized in the last days the outcome of the season 2018/2019, ended with the premature elimination in the playoff’s quarterfinal.

After having defined last Tuesday the position of Greg Ireland and Jussi Silander, the work of the team manager Roland Habisreutinger, who is in charge since November 2009, has been evaluated.

The long reflection has brought the decision to end the cooperation between the HCL and Roland Habisreutinger and at the same time starting the search for a new team manager.

Roland Habisreutinger’s figure has polarized in these years fans, media and public opinion. Besides the sportive goals achieved under his management and the individual perception of everyone on the various market operations, the Hockey Club Lugano wishes to thank their team manager for everything in these 10 years of cooperation.

Thanks to his attitude, his loyalty and absolute identification with the Club, the entire organization of the HCL has made enormous steps forward in various sectors. Roland Habisreutinger has particularly pursued with conviction the club’s strategy to integrate th best players from the Youth Sector into the first team.

So the club wishes to Roland the best for the future.