It’s playoff time, time of battles and passion, of emotions to live and share.

It’s time to take out the Luganese that’s inside you and do that with the originality and irony that distinguish us.

Like every year, during the playoff, our community will share his warmth and passion to the team, pushing them to overcome all the adverisities and infecting all the environment with his “Luganesità”.

Speaking about that, “Luganesità”, that typical mood of our fans. That ability to live hockey and life with mixed emotions, between happiness and sadness, joy and pain, euphoria and critics, never questioning one thing: the endless love for the Hockey Club Lugano.

We are like this, the white and black that we wear on our jersey are not only our colors, but they represent our lifestyle.

In this phase of the season we invite you to share your “Luganesità”, spreading it in the whole Country, becoming “luganizzatori” or “luganizers”.

Becoming a “luganizer” is easy, you have to “luganize” something, someone or wave our colors in any place.

Every public demonstration of love for the Hockey Club Lugano is, in fact, a luganization gesture and, by publishing it on the social media tagging us and inserting the hashtag #wearelvga (or by sendind via Whatsapp at the number 077 539 65 02), it will be noticed.

Among the photos and videos published, the most original ones will receive a prize. Before every home game, we will select 4 “luganizers” that will get the tickets for the game, a special t-shirt and will have the chance to go on the ice during the pre-game show to shot foam pucks on the stands.

Ok bianconeri, we’ll wait for you at the Cornèr Arena, ready to support the team and bring out the luganese that’s inside you!

Siamo Luganesi, siamo Lugano o per tirarcela ancora un pochino WE ARE LVGA.