Lausanne vs. Lugano: the comment - Dirty and clean goals

After seven consecutive defeat away from the Resega, Lugano experienced yesterday the sweet taste of victory at the Malley ice rink by defeating Lausanne with a tennis-like result of 6-2.

Victory was fully deserved through a strapping performance, with an encouraging care to adopt the defensive system and the wish to look for the goals where it hurts.

The technical staff could only count on six defenders due to the absence of the sick Vauclair and Ulmer.

In the two first forward trios, Sannitz was lined up between Klasen and Brunner, and Martensson among Hofmann and Pettersson.

After reaching the advantage with Brunner in shorthander, Lugano lived the only amnesia moment of the night when, in 23 seconds, the house masters turned the situation upside down.

From then on, also thanks to the flawless Merzlikins, the devensive installation worked well and Ehlers' men couldn't score anymore.

Some hesitations of Huet but above all the direct game carried out by Hirschi and his team mates generated Lugano's overtaking before the 40th minute, first with Bertaggia and then by Sannitz.

The third period opened with Hytonen's immediate autogoal, attributed to Pettersson. A loud episode for Lausanne who got stock and Shedden's men gained confidence. A frame of mind that resulted in Brunner's beautiful 5-2, this time in powerplay, nicely assisted by Martensson. Captain Hirschi's 6-2 then litterally put the word end on the contest.

If one wanted to draw a teaching from the game, one could say tha the nasty goals definitely gave the impulse to lucidity and creativity.