Geneva-Lugano - The comment

Doug Shedden's arrival isn't sufficient to stop Lugano's negative series. The bianconeri have been beaten by Geneva at the Vernets (4-2), losing their seventh consecutive game outside home.

But the night on the ice also gave some positive notes. First the team's attitude. Hirschi's  team mates fought from the beginning to the end, and contrary to the other times, they didn't give up after having suffered a goal.

Then the draft of  a canvas. The way out from the thid period was more rapid, the defensive cover better set out compared to the eve's game and the playing intention with less frills was also evident as show the two goals. The provisory 1-1 of Sannitz in the slot, the provisory 2-2 realized by Kienzle deviated by a defender.

The difference favoured the Geneva players in the “special teams”. Mc Sorley's men scored three times in numeric superiority therefore punishing Lugano's naive actions. Lugano concretized one of the four powerplays at disposal.

There is now a 10 days period Doug Shedden before the championship to begin again scheduled on the 10th of November at Lausanne. Ideally, those sketches should be implented soon even though Merzlikins, Chiesa, Hofmann, Morini and Kostner will be busy with their respective National teams.