Lugano vs. Langnau - The comment

"What mattered were those three points", this was probably the sentence which was most heard yesterday night at the Resega after the victory against Langnau. In terms of results, one can actually say "Doug Shedden's first was good". Still, the game level shown especially during the second period was much too muddled.
The new trainer on his championship début, brought changes in the line-up, especially Filppula's come back and Pettersson and Klasen put at the centre. That block indeed realized two of the four HCL goals, first thanks to swedish tightrope walker who scored a stupendous 1-1 during a tough first period (to see and see again) and later the provisory 2-2 at the beginning of the third period which safeguarded the necessary drive to overtake the result thanks to Raffaele Sannitz.

We talked of a tough first time during which the team tried to put into practice Doug Shedden's canvas but showed too much fear of getting it wrong. If the first period finished with only one disadvantage goal, it was clearly thanks to Elvis Merzlikins excellent on all fronts.

After the light switched off during the second period it is only right to underline the good performance at the beginning of the third: during the first minutes, the result turned upside down. After the 3-2 dirty goal the team controlled the game and avoided doing mistakes until Sannitz' scored the definitive 4-2 into an empty goal (a two goals for him!).

As we said, in such a difficult moment, these three points are really very important and tonight, at the Les Vernets against Genève Servette, the main objective is the same. Then, the team will have a whole week to work and assimilate the setup wanted by the new coach.