Bienne vs. Lugano - Comment

Lugano's first weekend game lead ad interim by Christian Wohlwend and Leo Luongo finishes with a definite defeat (5-1) at Bienne's Tissot Arena. The seeländer fully deserved to win against an HCL in difficulty.

Good intensions haven't been translated into actions. The ice commitment was there but too little was created in attack, throughout a confused game with a weak presence in front of the goal and many individual mistakes in defense.

The turning point might have come with the provisory 2-1 realized by Morini at Rytz's shoulders. Despite the fact that the refeeres didn't vouched the goal due to Kostner's supposedly obstruction on the house goalkeeper, before the second break came Daniel Steiner goal and Bienne's third point, a much contested action since the goal went out of the hinges.
Klasen's 3-1 in powerplay kept the contest opened until Nicolas Steiner scored. During the final moment, the Topscorer Pär Arlbrandt rounded the result.

The nervous shake that one hoped for didn't come. The most sincere wish now is that the adrenalin brought by the game against the cousins will bring energy and determination to get back to winning.