Comment and week-end highlights - Light beyond the tunnel

The results. A columnist shots. The performance at Zug. All negative elements that seemed to instill the doubt that the team didn't follow its trainer anymore.
And yet, here comes the victory against Lausanne (2-0). The victory of the team played with discipline, sacrifice spirit and the longing for reaction highlighted by the young players Morini, Romanenghi and Fazzini.
Fischer and Andersson wanted to empower the swedish trio by uniting them in the same trio. 
And Klasen, Martensson and Pettersson reacted well, with less frills and more concreteness. If Linus was held by Huet, Freddie managed to get it done with class and coldness for the opening goal, much awaited and deserved.
And indeed Damien Brunner, the most discussed man of the week, closed the symbolic circle into an empty goal by giving the security goal.
By defending this small advantage, sometimes did the legs tremble. But where the players didn't get, Merzlikins signed his first season's shutout.
The three points conquered in a friendly and generous Resega, thanks also to the nice exemple given by the Curva Nord aren't the ready made solution to all harms. But they give the team, the staff and society some tranquillity that help.
Indeed, Hirschi and his team mates are still at the bottom of the ranking, but the light at the end of the tunnel now appears whiter.