Lugano vs Zurigo - On equal terms with the best

Probably the best Lugano of the season was seen tonight against Zurich. And yet, Fischer's men went out under the applauses only one small point after Seger's victory during the additional period (3-2).
The bianconeri accelerated during the whole game: rhythm, intensity and courage. The bench alternated seven defenders and twenly forwards and during long moments, the Lions were in the shade and often saved by their young goalkeeper Schlegel.
Filppula's powerplay goal and Martensson's first season goal weren't enough to overcome Marc Crawford's team and the same chorus as yesterday is that Lugano doesn't score enough.
A pity, indeed. In 24 hours, Lugano faced steadfastely Bern and Zurich, which are considered as the best teams withing the championship, but harvested too little.
But we are convinced that work will pay, with less individual mistakes and some luck too!