Bern vs Lugano - Comment and Highlights

Lugano comes back from the Postfinance Arena empty handed, defeated by Guy Boucher's team with a final result of 3-1. The game started in favor of the house masters after two powerplay goals realized by Simon Moser in the 12 first minutes.
From that moment, the game was dominated by the HCL players who sowed much but harvested too little: only Brunner's goal.
The powerplay wasn't productive and Fischer's men must now deliver their mea culpa for having been unable to score into Bührer's cage during the second period after 5 minutes of numeric superiority.

Recovering after a third goal realized by the local Conacher, then became difficult against a determinate adversary mastering defense and playing solidly in the slot.
Lugano was discreete in terms of attitude and skating, but pressure over the adversary's goal clearly missed.
Tonight ZSC Lions comes to the Resesga after having defeated Davos yesterday. The absents are always wrong, and they will be utterly wrong tonight. Let's bet that in five years we will proudly say "I saw  Auston Matthews play at Lugano?"