The black and white family's weekend

If the first team got two wins in the last days, Juniores Elite and Novizi Elite weren't that lucky. Defeats against the leaders for the firsts (in the F. Eicher's picture, Daniel Gelman), tight losses for Cantoni's boys. 

The scores:

Juniores Elite A: Lugano-Bern 1-10, Geneva-Lugano 6-2
Novizi Elite: Lugano-Langnau 0-1
Mini Top: Lugano-Langnau 2-1
Mini A: Lugano-Olten 1-9, GDT Bellinzona-Lugano 5-2
Moskito A: Aargau-Lugano 3-5
Moskito B: Ceresio-Lugano 6-7 d.r.
LNA femminile: Neuchâtel-Lugano 0-5, Weinfelden-Lugano 1-5