A second chance to get a season ticket

How many times you wished for a second chance?

In life, love, work or hobbies, "the train that passes a second time" is among the most common wishes.

As a tradition in these last years, the HC Lugano has created the mini-season tickets, granting a second chance to get a season ticket for the rest of the season and for the off-season. 

The mini-season tickets, with prices (clicca qui) studied respecting the ones that already got one at the beginning of the season, give the chance to get one of the few seats left at the Resega. Five sectors are in fact already sold out. 


Exclusively at the new Secretariat in Via Maraini 15a during the usual opening time (08.30-12.00; 14.00-18.00) and in the game day starting from 18.15 until 20.00 at the ex-Secretariat in Via Chiosso 9.