The black and white players in the U17, U18 and U20 selections

In the U17 selection coached by Martin Höhener, that will play in the Four Nations Tournament in Veliky Novgorod (Russia) from 13th to 17th December, there will be the defenseman Alessandro Villa (2001) and, in case of emergency, Jari Näser (2001)

Lucas Matewa (1999) will be part of the U18 selection, that will play in the World Junior Challenge in Truro, Canada. 
It is now known the schedule of the U20 World Championship in Buffalo, United Stats, that will start from 26th december. The Swiss will debut the day after against Belarus, before facing Russia, Sweden and Czech Republic. 
Under Christian Wohlwend's guide, the team will reunite the 12th December before flying to Niagara (USA) and Hamilton (Canada) where there will be three friendly matches against Denmark, Finland and Canada. The player's list includes Elia Riva (1998) and Lucas Matewa (1999).