The black and white family's weekend

Positive weekend for the Juniores Elite A and Novizi Elite. The wins against Fribourg, Bern and Rapperswill allowed to reach or climb over the playoff line (in the photo by F.Eicher Matteo Poretti). Nice performance by the Ladies too.

The results:

Juniores Elite A: Lugano-Friborgo 5-4, Lugano-Losanna 1-2
Novizi Elite: Lugano-Berna 5-2, Rapperswil-Lugano 2-3
Mini Top: Langnau-Lugano 2-0
Mini A: Lugano-Argovia 2-1
Moskito Top: Thun-Lugano 7-3
Moskito A: Lugano-Innerschwyz 2-9
Moskito B: Lugano-Ambrì 7-6
LNA Femminile: Weinfelden-Lugano 0-7, Lugano-Reinach 8-1