A special edition jersey with Hirschi's number 8

Saturday 30th september 2017 during the game at the Resega between Lugano and Langnau Tigers, the Hockey Club Lugano will retiure the jersey number 8 of Steve Hirschi.

The choice of the rival is not causal. In fact, in his career Steve Hirschi wore only two jerseys adn played with only two Clubs: Langnau Tigers, in the youth sector and in National League until 2003, and Lugano, where he played 604 complexive games, winning the 2006 Swiss Championship.

Hirschi's number 8 is the seventh retired number of the Hockey Club Lugano.

The 22nd February 2004 there was the emotional jersey retirement ceremony of the number 1 (Alfio Molina), number 2 (Sandro Bertaggia) and number 4 (Pat Schafhauser), with the unlucky american defenseman connected "live" from Minneapolis. At the end of August 2010 it was the time of Andy Näser's number 44, the 13th August 2013 the number 33 of Petteri Nummelin and the 6th August the number 40 of Flavien Conne.  
Thanks to the accord with the SIHF the initial faceoff of the game will be posticipated at 19.51, while the official ceremony will begin at 19.40 with a mix of emotions not to lose.
To give Steve Hirschi an unforgettable moment, the Hockey Club Lugano decided to produce a special edition jersey with the same layout of the one that will be retired.
Before the game at the Shop'41 and in the three principal entrances the fans will have the chance to purchase the "Special edition" t-shirt at the price of 8 francs. Who will wear this shirt will have the right for the whole evening to 0.50 cents descount at the buvettes for drinks, snacks, barbecue and will have the opportunity to realize a salute video to Steve Hirschi that will be projected during the second break.
It would be beautiful and deserved for a champion and a sportive model as Steve Hirschi to live the jersey retirement evening with a lot of fans at the Resega. 
The Hockey Club Lugano invites every fans to arrive at the Resega the next 30th September in time to purchase and wear the celebrative number 8 jersey.