Easy win in the Swiss Cup

Seewen-Lugano 1-9 (1-1, 0-4, 0-4)

Reti: 9.09 Portmann (esp. Cunti) 1-0, 11.34 Bürgler (Klasen) 1-1, 26.50 Chiesa (Reuille, Bertaggia, esp. Fontana!) 1-2, 30.15 Bertaggia (Lapierre, Kparghai) 1-3, 32.09 Klasen (Kparghai) 1-4, 35.24 Bertaggia (Klasen) 1-5, 52.07 Lajunen (Klasen) 1-6, 53.06 Fazzini (Lapierre, Riva) 1-7, 55.12 Reuille (Chiesa, Romanenghi) 1-8, 58.15 Lapierre (Riva) 1-9

Lugano: Manzato; Vauclair, Wellinger; Riva, Chiesa; Ronchetti, Kparghai; Fontana; Morini, Lapierre, Fazzini; Klasen, Lajunen, Bürgler; Bertaggia, Cunti, Walker; Zorin, Romanenghi, Reuille
Assenti: Ulmer, Brunner (inf.), Hofmann (USA), Furrer, Sanguinetti, Sannitz (riposo)

Easy qualification for Lugano in the round of 16 of the Swiss Cup. Chiesa and teammates defeated with the final score of 9-1 Seewen, team that plays in the MySports League. 

After a quick and balanced first period of the home team, Ireland's men increased the rhythm around the 30th minute, dominating the rest of the game. 

Bertaggia's brace, Klasen's three assists, Kparghai's two and the first official goal of the season by Fazzini are the highlight of this game. Furrer, Sanguinetti and Hofmann were resting, while Manzato was between the pipes.