Weekend at the top

A great win 6-1 at the Resega against ZSC Lions. An amazing comeback from 1-4 between a lot of difficulties in Bern ended with a shootout win. The weekend of Lugano, without Ulmer, Hofmann and Brunner, was significative (Foto F. Eicher).

As stated by our players at the end of the games, not everything was good. Too many penalties taken in the bear's nest and some passivity on the ice have made things even harder than they was against very tough rivals. Merzlikins had two great nights, with the cherry on the ice-cream of the shootout victory, where only Haas was good enough to beat our goalie. 

The signal that Lugano gave this weekend to the Championship and to itself is really important. 

The team is capable to sacrifice itself - the many boxplays are the testimony - and more of all believes in their abilities. Comeback in a three goal difference game, tie it with the empty net and win in the shootout on the Swiss Champion's ice it's a true challenge and only a compact group can do that.

Our coach doesn't like to analize the game of the single player. Although, beside Elvis, a mention was deserved by Jani Lajunen, all-ice worker, strong at the faceoffs with good hands and skills, as the shootout against Genoni showed!