Inaugurated the new Artisa VIP Lounge

Last friday's derby not only started the new season, but also celebrated an historical moment, the inauguration of the new Artisa VIP Lounge. 

With the presence of the Lugano's mayor Marco Borradori, the owner of Artisa Group Stefano Artioli, the Golden Wings Club president Andrea Gehri and the HCL's Managing director Jean-Jacques Aeschlimann, before the start of the game against Ambrì there was the usual ribbon cutting ceremony (Foto Ti-Press, S. Golay).

The Artisa VIP Lounge was born in November 2015 from an idea and vision of Artisa Group, that invested in this complexively 2,36 million francs, with the goal to improve the exchange of the opportunities that sport offers with the private business.

The new element of the Resega's hospitality structure was built by the opportunity to choose between watching the game in the privacy of the reserved seats inside or into the rink's environnement with the comfortable seats outside on the balcony. 

The Artisa VIP Lounge has a complexive surface of 470 m2 and it's divided in six sky-box, the first one is the new home for the HCL's Golden Wings Club members, private association that sustains the Club financially.