Lugano-Fribourg 6-1

Lugano-Friborgo 6-1 (2-0, 1-0, 3-1)

Lugano: Manzato; Furrer,  Ulmer; Ronchetti, Wellinger; Kparghai, Chiesa; Bertaggia, Lapierre, Fazzini; Hofmann, Lajunen, Bürgler; Romanenghi, Sannitz, Walker; Reuille, Morini, Demuth

Friborgo: Waeber; Stalder, Kienzle; Chavaillaz, Holos; Abplanalp, Rathgeb; Leeger, Glauser; Mottet, Meunier, Rossi; Birner, Bykov, Sprunger; Chiquet, Schmutz, Fritsche; T. Vauclair, Rivera, Neuenschwander

Assenti: Sanguinetti, J. Vauclair e Riva (ammalati), Brunner e Klasen (inf.), Merzlikins, Cunti (a riposo)
Reti: 3.25 Bertaggia (Lapierre, Ronchetti) 1-0, 15.51 Hofmann (Fazzini, Ulmer, esp. Meunier) 2-0, 27.26 Lapierre (Hofmann) 3-0, 41.38 Fazzini (Hofmann, esp. Rivera) 4-0, 48.44 Glauser (Meunier, esp. Bertaggia) 4-1, 54.56 Sannitz (Hofmann, Fazzini, esp. Meunier) 5-1, 56.48 Lapierre (Morini) 6-1.

Penalità: 5 x 2’ + 5’ + pen. disc. partita (Bertaggia) contro il Lugano, 6 x 2’ + 5’ + pen. disc. partita (Rathgeb) contro il Friborgo

Even without many important men, Lugano won against Fribourg, who played with only two import players, 6-1. After the four golas conceded to Malmö, Ireland's men have played better defensively, looking good on the special teams.

Three goals scored on the powerplay, with the duo Fazzini-Hofmann who performed really well, and only one goal conceded on the boxplay. Brace for Lapierre and first game for Timo Demuth (born 1998) coming from the Juniores Elite. Tomorrow afternoon (14.30) Lugano closes his adventure in Yverdon against AIK Stockholm.