Sartori went to Finland

The Hockey Club Lugano informs that the defender Riccardo Sartori flew this morning towards Finland, where he will play on loan for RoKi Hockey Rovaniemi, playing in the "Mestis" league.

As already comunicated last april during his contract renewal, the staff and direction of HCL, as long as the player, know that in order to complete Sartori's formation and development he has to play regulary. 
The HCL will have the right to recall the defender in any moment in case of emergency, particularly if the defense will have a lot of injured players. 

The staff will always be in touch with the Finnish team to monitorate the progresses of the player born in 1994. 
These were Riccardo Sartori's words: "I thank the HCL for this great opportunity that they have given to me, so that I can grow on the human and professional side. I'm glad to live this new experience that will be the first far from Ticino for me, and I'm aware that this is the moment to take advantage of this chance. During August I'll be available to play for HCL and in September I'll have almost a month to settle in before the start of the Finnish championship."