Between Resega and Lido the HCL presented himself

It was a great day for the bianconeri fans, lived between the good vibes of the win against Zvolen (5-1) at the Resega and the emotions on the stage of the Lido, where Chiesa and teammates have been officially presented in front of a big crowd (Foto Ti-Press, P. Gianinazzi).

But let's start with the game. Without the injured Klasen, Merzlikins, Vauclair and Cunti, Ireland's men have dominated the game. Especially in the second period the match became a real powerplay exercise. Lugano wasn't brillant in this phase, denoting low speed. The third period was better, with more determination and aggressiveness. 

The most emotional moment was the 5-1 scored by Kparghai, with an insidious backhand. For the defender with Liberian origins, it was very important for his confidence after the injury that kept him away from the ice for a long time. 

All the people went then at Lido. Some raindrops made everyone think for the worst. The weather was in the end good and the location gave more colours and new sounds at the traditional call on the stage for every player. Vicky Mantegazza opened the event, saying that she's trustworthy of Ireland's job with the team. The evening was hosted by Manu D, an event closed by the auction of the Lapierre's, Klasen's and Fazzini's jersey. 

Lugano-Zvolen 5-1 (2-0, 1-1, 2-0)

Reti: 4.11 Bürgler (Brunner, Sanguinetti, esp. Matus) 1-0, 9.43 Hofmann (Wellinger) 2-0, 34.51 Török (Hrasko, Ross, esp. Wellinger) 2-1, 37.20 Sannitz (Walker) 3-1, 43.09 Brunner (Walker, Sanguinetti) 4-1, 53.24 Kparghai 5-1

Lugano: Manzato (dal 40’ Müller); Furrer, Sanguinetti; Wellinger, Ulmer; Riva, Chiesa; Ronchetti, Kparghai; Bertaggia, Lapierre, Fazzini; Hofmann, Lajunen, Bürgler; Walker, Sannitz, Brunner; Morini, Romanenghi, Reuille

Assenti: Vauclair, Sartori, Klasen, Cunti

Penalità: 5 x 2’ contro il Lugano, 8 x 2’ + 5’ + pen. disc. partita (Tavoda) contro lo Zvolen

Spettatori: 2500