Lugano-Kölner Haie 4-3

It ended witha nice succes the Köln Cup for Lugano, able to turn aroung the game against Kölner Haie in the last period. 

Until then, the game was similar to the other twos already played in this tournament against Rögle and Örebrö, with the bianconeri with the puck possess, without being able to score.

But in this last game, Lugano became unstoppable in powerplay, with three goals in six minutes, earning a win that gives moral and confidence at the Ireland's troup.

Chiesa and teammates have given proof to manage the puck well in the offensive zone and that's positive looking at the beginning of the Championship in three weeks. The ability to score has to improve. Good news the first game of Klasen, that assisted three of the four goals.

Lugano-Kölner Haie 4-3 (0-1, 1-1, 3-1)

Reti HCL: 31.30 Bürgler (Brunner, Sanguinetti) 1-2, 46.24 Brunner (Lajunen, Klasen) 2-3, 48.32 Bürgler (Klasen, Kparghai) 3-3, 52.19 Brunner (Lajunen, Klasen) 4-3

Lugano: Manzato; Vauclair, Ulmer; Furrer, Sanguinetti; Ronchetti, Kparghai; Riva, Chiesa; Sartori; Klasen, Lapierre, Fazzini; Hofmann, Lajunen, Bürgler; Reuiile, Romanenghi, Morini; Sannitz, Brunner

A riposo: Wellinger, Cunti, Bertaggia, Walker

Penalità: 5 x 2’contro entrambe le squadre