Lugano-Örebro 3-5

Lugano lost even the second game of the Köln Tournament. Faced of the Swedish team of Örebrö the bianconeri were defeated 5-3, with the opposite side already Champion of the Cup. 

The bianconeri have managed the puck a lot in a game characterized by many penalties and therefore many powerplays and boxplays.

Like Thursday's game, Chiesa and teammates have paid some individual mistakes, some lack of cynism and also the tendency to take some bad penalties during the game.

Sunday at 16.00 the last game in Germany against the home team of Kölner Haie.

Lugano-Örebro 3-5 (0-0, 1-3, 2-2)

Reti HCL: 24.53 Sartori (Lapierre) 1-0, 40.40 Brunner (Lajunen) 2-3, 54.53 Cunti (Bürgler, Sannitz) 3-4
Lugano: Manzato; Ronchetti, Sanguinetti; Vauclair, Ulmer; Riva, Chiesa; Wellinger, Sartori; Walker, Lapierre, Fazzini; Hofmann, Lajunen, Brunner; Sannitz, Cunti, Bürgler; Reuille, Romanenghi, Morini.

A riposo: Furrer, Kparghai, Bertaggia, Klasen

Penalità: 12 x 2’ contro il Lugano, 8 x 2’ contro l’Örebro