Lugano-Rögle 1-2

The first game of the Köln Tournament ended with a loss for 2-1 against the Swedish team of Rögle. Lugano will play Saturday against another Swedish team, Örebrö, and Sunday against the home team.

Ireland's men have dominated on the ice but haven't been concrete in front of the net, losing by a powerplay goal of the opposite team. The only goal was scored by Bürgler, assisted by Hofmann.

First game for Thomas Wellinger, while Vauclair, Riva, Bertaggia and Klasen have rested.
Lugano-Rögle 1-2 (1-0, 0-1, 0-1)
Rete HCL: 4.35 Bürgler (Hofmann)
Lugano: Merzlikins; Furrer, Sanguinetti; Wellinger, Ulmer; Ronchetti, Chiesa; Sartori, Kparghai; Sannitz, Lapierre, Brunner; Walker, Cunti, Fazzini; Hofmann, Lajunen, Bürgler; Reuille, Romanenghi, Morini
Penalità: 3 x 2’ contro il Lugano, 1 x 2’ contro il Rögle