HCL assemby: numbers and an anticipation

The Event's Metamorphosis theater at the Mantegazza Palace hosted yesterday evening the assembly of the Associazione Hockey Club Lugano's members and the assembly of the Hockey Club Lugano SA's shareholders. 

CdA's President Vicky Mantegazza traveled around a light and dark year, in an emotionally and sportive way. Se has not hidden that, right after the harsh protest against the Club in January, she wondered if she still had the energies and motivations to keep going. The love for the Club prevailed. The most positive aspect of the season 2016/2017, beside the win against ZSC Lions in the playoff's quarter-final, it was the season tickets record (4748). At the end, the President anticipated that the jersey number 8 of Steve Hirschi will be retired before the game of 30th September 2017 at the Resega against Langnau Tigers. 

Many speeches - first of all the Marco Werder one - underlined the first place of the HCL's Youth Sector in the Talent Label, the analysis of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation about the quality of the work and of the formation of the young players. A great result. 

On the financial sife, the HCL Association, that covers for the Youth Sector and Ladies Team, closed the 2016/2017 over by 468'972 Francs. The HCL SA closed the year losing 185'469 Francs, earning 18'155'631 and losing - before the food service earnings. the financial costs and the taxes - of 18'554'007 Francs. 

The shareholders assemby was reconfirmed for another year, here are the six members of the Counseil: Vicky Mantegazza (president), Andy Näser (vice-president), Renato Bordoli, Claudio Broggini, Fabio Regazzi e Gabriele Zanzi.