This morning at the Resega press conference room was presented the new ARTISA VIP LOUNGE, a new and innovative hospitality structure that will give prestige at Lugano's rink.

The ARTISA VIP LOUNGE was born in November 2015 from an idea and vision of the Artisa Group that invested 2'360'000 francs in this initiative, with the goal of incentivate the exchange of the opportunities given by sport and private enterprises. 
Projected by Artisa Architettura SA, the whole surface will be of 470 m2, divided in six sky-box and it's now in its final phase, under the supervision of Genazzi & Artioli General Contractor, with the goal of the inauguration for the 8th of September 2017, date of Hockey Club Lugano's first game in the season 2017/2018. 
The first of the six Sky-box will be the "new home" of the Golden Wings Club, a private association that has the goal to pursue the ethical and moral values in the ice hockey and to financiate the Hockey CLub Lugano. The other five Sky-box, every one of them with room for 12 people, have been rented by business man and companies that firmly believe in the development of work relationships through sport. 
Vicky Mantegazza, CdA's president of HCL SA: "I like the idea that the Resega has spots for everyone. In the modern sport there isn't a rink without spaces dedicated to the ones that want to live the game experience in another way, doing business and increasing their companies".
Manuel Sassella, Artisa Group Director in Ticino: "The new proposal of hospitality has the name of ARTISA VIP LOUNGE to recall the fact that a Swiss business reality gave a contribute to the development of a sportive Club. The investment is completely made by Artisa and will not go on the HCL, so that the Club can focus on the sportive management and on th Youth Sector. Those Sky-box, where there will be pre and post game events, wants to be a meeting point where business men from everywhere can meet, talk business, drink some good wine and live ice hockey".
Andrea Gehri, Golden Wings Club President: "The Golden Wings Club was born in 2002 on a initiative by the founders of HCL. Until now our home was the lounge in the glass corner. From next season we'll have a new and prestigious home that will have seats inside (50 spots) and outside (70 spots) that will allow to live the game directly on the rink. Speaking for the GWC, i thank everyone that made this possible, this Lounge will allow us to grow in number".
Roberto Mazza, Director of Lugano's Sport Division: "I congratulate everyone, from the investor Artisa, to HCL and Golden Wings Club for the great effort made with success. The new structure will give more prestige and quality to the Resega. It represents a great example of how in the city contest one can invest in the future creating sinergies between public and private".
Jean-Jacques Aeschlimann, HCL SA's Managing Director: "The project has great matter for the HCL, to complete a very stimulating offer for our new fans, companies and partners. Speaking for the Club, I want to thank personally the 303 season ticket holders that had to give up their spot, embracing a new one at the rink. We contacted them personally with a letter, email or phone call two months in advance on the season ticket campaign, and they could change place at the same price of last season. Only 15 of them have not renewed their season ticket for various reasons".