Full gas with Maserati

Signed a three year contract between Kessel Auto, representating Maserati, and HCL: the players will drive the cars and will also go into the rink during the games. 

Maserati, represented in Lugano by Kessel Auto, is the new Gold Sponsor of the Hockey Club Lugano. A union between two historic realities of Ticino, the first founded in 1971 while the Club was founded in 1941. Starting from next season - that will start the 8th of September - Kessel and HCL will be together to keep up the hockey passion that in Ticino counts thousands of fans and 4'500 season ticket holders.

The three-years agreement includes the cooperation relationship between the parts, as its shown from the writing Maserati and Kessel on the players' jerseys and on the advertisement spots at the rink. At every game the new cars will be exposed outside the Resega, while at the first break the Maserati cars will go on the ice to show how good they are. From next week, the staff and the players will go around with these HCL designed Maserati. The players will have their number and name on the car. The first HCL Maserati is a Levante S, that has been given to the president Vicky Mantegazza today. The players can choose between the Ghibli model and the Quattroporte model. 

The HCL fan have the chance to purchase a Maserati with the HCL colours at the Kessel Showroom in Pambio-Noranco. The season ticket holders will have a discount when purchasing their new car. They will just have to show their season ticket to have a privileged treatment. 

"Even if in different ways, our company and Hockey Club Lugano - says Ronnie Kessel, CEO of the car group - represent the passion for the active life, on skates or on wheels. With the Kessel racing we race with success in the GT European Championships as long as in the Historic car races. Even the cars in our showrooms express a sportive character, starting from Maserati that has an importanti history in races: the first win came in 1927 and the strenght remained the same until today, in every model."

"We're very happy for this precious partnership - said Vicky Mantegazza, HCL's president -. The affinity with Maserati represents another great incentive and increases our will to fight and honour our colours with sweat, humbleness and sacrifice. The bond with Kessel strenghten our roots in the territory and shows that, thanks to local companies, we can generate important bonds."