Continuity in the management

As lready announced, the CdA of the Hockey Club Lugano SA has looked deeper in the last weeks into the season 2016/2017.

The season was caracterized by the second straight Spengler Cup Final, a tormented regular season closed at the 7th spot, the amazing series against ZSC Lions and the elimination in the playoff's semifinal against Bern, who will become Swiss Champions. 

The evaluation of the season 2016/2017 has showed problems in the sportive management of the team and problems inside the CdA too, and in the actions of the sportive management of the Club.
At the end of their analysis, the CdA of the Hockey Club Lugano SA has restated their complete trust in Roland Habisreutinger as sportive director and leader to the reaching of the Club's targets. 
The CdA appreciates particularly Habisreutinger's loyalty and identification with the Club, the great effort to respect the budget, the stubborness with every coach to integrate the young players, the strong and convinced presence into the Ticino Rockets' project and the perception of a serious talker on the players' market.