Game 4: analysis and highlights

The feelings are the same felt after game 3 at the Resega. 

It's even worse. In the last three games Bern has won by one goal, two times at the overtime. And they did it playing a good hockey. It's three straight games that decisions taken or not by the referees, inspire and simplify Bern's win. 

Let's start with game 2. The hit with cut on the face by Gerber on Hofmann at 53.11 is penalized with just two minutes. Short after this penalty, Rüfenacht scores the game winning goal. 

Game 3. A few minutes before the third break, a slash on the hand of Brunner while in front of Stepanek, prevent him to score. Clear penalty shot. Nothing. The game goes on and in the overtime Scherwey scores. 

Last night at the Postfinance Arena. At the 63rd minute Bodenmann hits Brunner in the face under the look of the referee. The number 98 falls, hits hard the boards with the head and lays on the ice unconscious. Even in this case no decision taken by the referees. At the 75.10 Hofmann is penalized for a high sticking. The Bern's player bleeds so it's a 4 minutes penalty. Immediately the episode with Gerber comes to the mind of bianconeri. Where's the equality of treatment? In powerplay the bears score with Conacher. 

Crucial episodes. Or unfortunate episodes. 

Hirschi and his teammates just have one thing to do. Believe. And be aware that an amazing journey that brought team to the final from the last place on the standings doesn't deserve to end badly. The team and the staff have showed heart, hunger, pride and courage. It's the moment to keep showing it. To be stronger of the refs.