Gara 3: analysis and highlights

Lugano-Bern 1-2. Three tight games, won by one goal. The first by Lugano, the second and the third by Bern that last night won game 4 with a wrist shot by Tristan Scherwey

On the sport side - tactics, powerplay, boxplay, ecc. - the equilibrium is reigning in this final, between Shedden's men and Leuenberger's men. The battle of yesterday night is the proof of that with Lugano that seemed the better team at the 40th minute and with the guests that in the overtime have pushed until the game winning goal. 

If we talk about goalies, scoring chances missed and other aspects about sport, the arguments about a comeback of Hirschi and his teammates starting from tomorrow at the Postfinance Arena and the arguments in favour of a win by Bern are equal. 

What feels wrong for the bianconeri fans is something external from tactic and technic. 

In game 2 and in game 3 the referees made some unintelligible choices of great importance. At the Postfinance Arena the bad hit of Gerber on Hofmann deserved another penalty looking at the 2 minutes inflicted. At the Resega Brunner was denied a clear penalty shot that could have changed the game. 

It is known. Looking for external factors for a negative result is not a good starting point. It can serve to be together an find courage and determination. Weapons that Lugano needs.