Gara 1: analysis and highlights

The playoff's final serie between Lugano and Bern opened with the win of the bianconeri at the Resega with the result of 5-4. 

In a crazy game, characterized by the continuous comeback of the teams, Hirschi and his teammates have found the way to the success. They did it with the usual determination, but also thanks to the great talent of our men, Klasen in primis, scoring two goals and playing amazingly, Brunner scored two goals too and Hofmann that scored the game-winning goal with a powerful slapshot at the 50th minute.

Bern confirmed to be a tough rival. The men guided by Lars Leuenberger have a very high forechecking that, sometimes, bothered Lugano. Three goals scored on the powerplay for Bern, the same as Lugano. 

At the end of the game, Lugano's locker room was very quiet. The satisfaction for the first game won is huge. But, at the same time, the awareness that the team should play better to win at the end. Avoiding useless penalties as first thing. 

The duel has began. After the river of people seen at the Resega, Tuesday there'll be the rematch at the Postfinance Arena, where almost 17'000 bystanders are waiting.