Gara 5: analysis and highlights

The fight continues. Just when there's the idea that one of the teams could fall, here they find the desperation strength to regain the power in this fight. Or better, sportingly saying, in this war.   

It was like that yesterday at the Vernets for Lugano. Solid, dangerous in the counter-attacks. But behind on the board until 15 seconds from the end. 

At that point, the desperation Strenght was in Gregory Hofmann's hands. A player that, after having Zug going crazy after his comeback in the quarterfinals, had to stay quiet until now against the eagles. The forward number 15 found the hole to score between Mayer's pads and extend the crazy game 5 to the overtime. The third in the last four games. 
The third overtime resolved in a little more than a minute by the away team. In this occaison, by one that in these playoff never fails: Tony Martensson. 
Dishing him the puck, no need to say it, Linus Klasen. But it was nice to see that the play was started by Julien Vauclair with a tremendous counterattack. 
As nice as the goal that opened the score, scored by the third member of the Three Crown. Fredrik Pettersson that, after the injury, found the will to fight bravely. 

Monday the teams will go back to the Resega for game 6. The two teams have little more than 40 hours to gain some energies.