Zugo-Lugano: analysis and highlights

The third straight win in the playoff's quarterfinal series against Zug (5-2) it's Lugano's masterpiece of tactics and nerves management. 

With the return of Hofmann after the disqualify, the wise guy Shedden decided to line up a very phisical third offensive line formed by Lapierre-Sannitz-Walker, able to tire out some of the Zug players thanks to the verbal provocation (Grossmann in primis) and at the same time capable to find some nice plays, like Sannitz's "coast to coast" that fixed the result on the 5-1. The good game played by Sartori, Morini, Fazzini and Kostner and the few penalties have permitted to see the six defensemen and thirteen forwards constantly on the ice. It's a coach's win, with the team that follows his lead. 

The goals of Vauclair and Bertaggia in the first minutes of the game have galvanized Lugano, able to stay patient and clever, and put down the home team. The ones that expected an aggressive Zug were astonished by seeing that, with the minutes passing by, Kreis' men were resigned themself to the loss.

Hirschi and his teammates had solid nerves. After the 1-2 scored by Bouchard they took advantage with cinism of their first two powerplays with the goals of Martensson and Furrer.

The 4-1 scene was symbolic. After some trash talk with his rivals, Lapierre was hit two times in the same play by Zug's player, due to frustration. Without any words he stood up, went to the slot and helped Furrer to score. The perfect example of what it needs in the playoffs!