HC Lugano - ZSC Lions: commentary and highlights

ZSC Lions was too strong today for the current Lugano that was defeated 4-0 at the Resega. On the one side a team with a deep bench, able to easily overcome the absences of Flüeler, Bärtschi, Trachsler, Malgin and Fritsche, and on the other side a decimated HC Lugano, whose injured players included Chiesa, Furrer, Ulmer and Brunner. While Sannitz played partially recovered, Shedden experimented the first two offensive lineups giving Klasen some rest.
Today’s game, which took place four days before the club’s 75th anniversary wearing a "Vintage" jersey, leaves little room for optimism in the playoffs, which are now clinched. Then again after the National team break, we can look forward to another Lugano on the ice.
To successfully face the best teams in the league, Hirschi and teammates need aggressiveness, determination and intensity, which have recently lacked, despite the continuous commitment.
The long race to the playoffs, which began in late October from last place in the standings, has perhaps exhausted the mental and physical energy and a few days of rest will surely be regenerating.