SC Bern vs HC Lugano - Commentary and highlights

Besides having earned five of a possible six standings points, the weekend of the Bianconeri leaves two dominant states of mind and a stroke of genius.
The team has a strong personality and self-awareness, and follows the plans of the coaching staff. The first two periods against Fribourg-Gottéron last Friday at the Resega, and on Saturday against SC Bern are the evidence. Both times, HC Lugano had the right approach to the game, with the necessary aggressiveness and was able to dominate the opponent. The forward lines produce many scoring chances that they often convert into goals.
However, the team tends to relax too easily. As seen against Lausanne and Fribourg-Gottéron, even at the Postfinance Arena, Lugano had the wrong approach to the third period, allowing the Bears to score two goals in a few seconds and tie the game. A dangerous tendency. As if at some point, it is enough to sit back and wait, without battling hard for the puck.
What was a stroke of genius? The one by Damien Brunner, who is in top shape and is having his best moment with the Bianconeri so far. His decisive penalty shot against SC Bern was simply poetry on ice.