The Hockey Club Lugano Lugano was founded during the 1940/1941 season, when the first games were played on the small Muzzano lake. The club’s was officially established during the second world war, on the 11th of Febraury 1941, in the small Apollo room that was a tiny restaurant on Via Stauffacher, in front of the Kursaal. Antonio Caslani, the Arrigo brothers, Ivo Badaracco, Bruno Soldini, Dino Bernardoni, Ivo Molina, Renato Crivelli, Guido Keller, Tullio Visani, Pepi Paulon, Livio Balmelli, Renato Paganetti, Kurt Tritten, Ezio Bernasconi, Federico "Bobo" Trachsel and Alfonso Weber were among the founders. The latter was appointed first president : because he played with the FC Lugano he could grant the shirts to the players. Seven years after its foundation, the club renounced playing on the Muzzano lake and went to Loreto. The change offered the club more visibility inside the city.